Your Home is a Reflection

At Home Inspection Consulting of Central Arkansas in Searcy, AR we believe your home is a reflection of yourself. It must be maintained as safe, comfortable, and functional for all the activities of your family. These activities can range from a Sunday nap in front of a warm fire, entertaining friends, cooking in the kitchen, or whatever suits your fancy, because it’s your home. We are here to make sure your home is in the best possible shape by inspecting your home on the merits of safety, health, and performance.

Why Do an Inspection

The main purpose of a home inspection is to give you the information needed to make an informed business decision on the purchase by verifying standard, acceptable living conditions of the house for sale. It is a critical assessment and a limited, non-invasive examination of the condition of a home at the time of the inspection. At Home Inspection Consulting of Central Arkansas in Searcy, we can provide you with a thorough home inspection.

All of our inspections are performed using the American Society of Home Inspectors standards of practice and a strict code of ethics.

The Report

A printed 40 -50 page report for the client complete with pictures taken during the inspection will be prepared immediately following the inspection. Time will be taken to go over the report with the client to explain any defects or deficiencies found. Questions are encouraged! This is an open conversation about the home.

The report will give the client an opportunity to become better acquainted with the home and provide information that would otherwise be unknown or assumed. The report will attempt to represent the home as honestly and completely as possible.

Inspection Pricing

Square footage


Up to 1500







$400 .00







5000 and up

$.10 per square foot

Crawl space


Additional buildings


10% Discount for Military and repeat customers